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Seafreight - How to calculate CBM :

For Seafreight Industry , carrier will charge based on Cubic Metres (CBM).
How to Determine Cubic Metres (CBM) , we need to calculate CBM in Metres (m) :
L x W x H
e.g. 3,30m (L) x 2.30m (W) x 1.30m (H)
= 9.87 CBM
General Purpose /Dry Container can pack/stuff to Maximum CBM (Internal Capacity)as per below Equipment Specification and also subject to your commodity and how it is packed.

Equipment Specification

ContainerSize20'GP 40'GP40'HC20'RF 40'RH
External Length 6,058mm 12,192mm 12,192mm 6,058mm12,192mm
Width 2,438mm 2,438mm 2,438mm 2,438mm2,438mm
Height 2,592mm 2,591mm 2,896mm 2,591mm2,896mm
Internal Length 5,898mm 12,031mm 12,032mm 5,489mm11,577mm
Width 2,350mm 2,350mm 2,350mm 2,298mm2,294mm
Height 2,390mm 2,390mm 2,695mm 2,274mm2,557mm
Door Opening Length 2,280mm 2,280mm 2,598mm 2,264mm2,569mm
Width 2,343mm 2,343mm 2,343mm 2,290mm2,290mm
Internal Capacity 33.10cbm 67.60cbm 76.20cbm 28.50cbm67.90cbm
Tare Weight 2,250kgs 3,770kgs 3,890kgs 3,030kgs5,100kgs
Payload 28,230kgs 26,710kgs 26,590kgs 23,970kgs25,430kgs
Gross Weight 30,480kgs 30,480kgs 30,480kgs 27,000kgs30,480kgs

ContainerSize20'OT 40'OT20'FR 40'FR
External Length 6,058mm 12,192mm6,058mm12,192mm
Width 2,438mm 2,438mm2,438mm2,438mm
Height 2,592mm 2,591mm2,592mm2,591mm
Internal Length 5,900mm 12,031mm 5,618mm12,180mm
Width 2,352mm 2,350mm 2,208mm2,380mm
Height 2,350mm 2,390mm2,233mm2,233mm
Door Opening Length 2,280mm 2,280mm2,266mm1,970mm
Width 2,340mm 2,343mm1,960mm1,960mm
Internal Capacity 32.60cbm 67.60cbm30.50cbm53.60cbm
Tare Weight 2,120kgs 3,770kgs2,750kgs4,900kgs
Payload 28,260kgs 26,710kgs27,730kgs40,000kgs
Gross Weight 30,480kgs 30,480kgs30,480kgs45,000kgs

Airfreight - How to calculate Volume Weight :

For Airfreight Industry, Airline will charge based on Weight or Volume Weight.
How to Determine Volume Weight, we need to calculate Volume Weight in Centi Metres (CM) :
L x W x H
e.g. 33 cm (L) x 23 cm (W) x 13 cm (H) - 10 kgs per box
= 9867 /6000 x 1 box
=1.64 kgs per box
Volumetric weight is 1.64 kgs vs 10 kgs Actual weight
We will need to declare the weight whichever is higher to the airline, for this case, The Actual Weight of 10 kgs will be declared.

Volumetric weight must be calculated by dividing by a denominator of 6000 in your formula when calculating cubic centimetres (cm) or dividing by 166 when calculating cubic inches (ins)

P/s : Make sure that your cargo can fit through the airline's loading doors.